Anabolic adaptogen complex

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I just discovered Maca Root and its benefits, I’m in my mid 30’s with some hot flashes. I always try to go the natural healing route instead of meds with numerous side effects so I take a Tbs of raw organic coconut oil 3 times a day. I bought Nuestra Salud brand of Maca powder and will add it to smoothies once a week, my question is is the company brand good? the only ingredient is the Maca Root(its scientific name is listed as well on package) but there is zero anything in the nutrition section of the package. Is Maca powder safe with green veggies, any interaction with vitamin supplements? Researching this I can’t find any warnings.

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Anabolic adaptogen complex

anabolic adaptogen complex


anabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complexanabolic adaptogen complex