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Not being able to implement a proper oauth with redirect_uri is really causing big problems for my team/company. On Android I am opening the window, waiting for access_token to be in the parms, then closing the window and applying the access token to my app. I am unable to do this with Apple. We have had to resort to using a password grant type api request to sign in, but this makes it so we are unable to authenticate other inappbrowsers/embeds in the app. We have a really annoying list of requirements and this is the only one we have been unable to meet. My steroids, build, etc are all the newest version as of 9/18/2015.

The cross-platform capabilities of PhoneGap are reached this way: a native project is generated, distinctive for each platform, which includes a browser (a native webView component) as the main component. This browser is able to display HTML/JavaScript code as a usual web page. The file system of this project acts the part of a file server, which gives access to the page. Also there is an object that allows PhoneGap to standardize the access to native features of mobile devices running the supported operating systems, such as camera, compass, accelerometer, contacts etc.

Appgyver steroids performance

appgyver steroids performance


appgyver steroids performanceappgyver steroids performanceappgyver steroids performanceappgyver steroids performanceappgyver steroids performance