Best bodybuilder without steroids

I haven't invented anything i wrote in this instructable,it is all true and verified through scientific research. I haven't cited any references from the web though, because it is simply too time consuming for me to dig those studies up.. time that I don't have.

I am highly educated in nutrition, If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

please do try to find your answers on google first ;).

Thank you for reading this, and I sincerely hope you succeed in your weight loss journey.

Mario Strong is one of the most respected and knowledgeable natural for life bodybuilders on the scene today. For decades, his passion for excellence has inspired thousands of bodybuilders to reach their muscle building goals quickly and safely without the use of illicit or unhealthy drugs. Mario Strong is a bodybuilder that practices what he preaches! Since 1976, Mario Strong has been a dedicated proponent of natural muscle building in America. He is a nationally recognized author who has promoted numerous bodybuilding competitions, trained countless natural champions, and has served as judge to World class athletes. Mario Strong has also championed the physique stage and is the founder of the once famed Staten Island Bodybuilding Club. Mario lives in Staten Island, New York.

I’m currently the biggest I’ve ever been with the level of conditioning I have, I’m hard with definition and have striations in my ass, hams and triceps, now I’m not in comp shape sure I have body fat but I am not fat, I am hard to the touch and am tipping the scale at almost 175lbs at 5ft 2. I had a look at some of the competition and I do respect anyone that does sessions but never call me a fat pig again, after what I saw some were fat and many looked like figure gals however if that’s what you enjoy great,but now I can understand why guys want to see pictures all the time as yrs ago that never happened.

Best bodybuilder without steroids

best bodybuilder without steroids


best bodybuilder without steroidsbest bodybuilder without steroidsbest bodybuilder without steroidsbest bodybuilder without steroidsbest bodybuilder without steroids