Bol supplement reviews

Ines and to all the ppl wondering i have been taking siberian pine nut oil for nearly 2 weeks now. My heart burn has been reduced by 80%! Taken 3 times a day 5 ml 30 mins to 1 hour before food. I dont need to take 2 zantacs 3 motiluims now just somac. Been having a better 2 weeks. Diet ines put up works aswell. The pine nut oil id recomment as a gd supplement with the low acid diet. Im only on somac 1 tablet now. Will update you all in 2 weeks time with how im going still with oil. Have more energy , skin nicer oil is gd for many things, no gas bloating, constipation. Main thing 80-90 % heart burn gone!!!!

Very easy to order and fast delivery. Cant wait for the results - Marco, Port Elizabeth

Gained 8kgs from the 8 week bulking cycle. - TJ, Johannesburg

Recieved my package the next day after ordering. Superb Service. - Samantha, Johannesburg ________________________________________________________________

I have just finished the Super Cut Cycle. Very pleased with the results, gained some muscle and strength and lost a decent amount of fat. - Ryan, Nelspruit ________________________________________________________________

Take my word for it this product works like it says it does ! Not only do I look better but I feel better. -Roodey, Kzn .

Diet and age are major factors in muscle gain and fat loss. I’m a 45yo male and have to work 5 times harder than 20 somethings to gain muscle and lose fat. when I was 20 something, I was ripped and didn’t have to work hard to get that way and keep it. Then life happened and couldn’t keep lifting and maintaining cadio and other workouts even as much as I did. Now I’m a balding 45yo with a size 38 gut and skinny arms and have been lifting cadio at least 4 to 5 days a week for 6 months. Older equals muscle loss and harder work to couteract it.

Bol supplement reviews

bol supplement reviews


bol supplement reviewsbol supplement reviewsbol supplement reviewsbol supplement reviewsbol supplement reviews