Brassinosteroids in plants

I have been take the bare minimum of 1/2 tsp twice daily as a starting point and I must say I noticed a difference in the first week. I didn’t get a stimulant effect which I love, but a more overall sense of things changing. I add it to my coffee and it’s tasteless!!! A little perk in my step, a clear mind, libido actually increased (which is weird because I’ve been on HRT) I could write for days about my positive experience but won’t. I just know after a month of supplementing on it I’ll continue to use it!
I’ll also continue to buy from LOST EMPIRE because of how fast it came to my house and the packaging is top notch!! Customer for life !!
Thanks everyone at lost empire for being a big part of a healthier me !!

1. An introduction to brassinosteroids: History, biosynthesis and chemical diversity
2. Revisiting brassinosteroids signaling in plants: current advances and challenges
3. Brassinosteroids in shaping plant architecture
4. Regulation of photosynthesis by brassinosteroids
5. Role of brassinosteroids in reproductive growth and development in plants
6. Crosstalk between brassinosteroids and other signals: biological functions and molecular mechanism
7. Convergence of brassinosteroids and environmental signals
8. Brassinosteroids in plant response to high temperature stress
9. Role of brassinosteoids in cold tolerance
10. Plant responses to water stress: role of brassinosteorids
11. Brassinosteroids in pesticide metabolism and heavy metal tolerance
12. Involvement of brassinosteroids in plant response to elevated carbon dioxide
13. Regulation of plant defense against biotic stressors by brassinosteroids
14. Application of brassinosteroids for improving crop production: From laboratory to field

Brassinosteroids in plants

brassinosteroids in plants


brassinosteroids in plantsbrassinosteroids in plantsbrassinosteroids in plantsbrassinosteroids in plantsbrassinosteroids in plants