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An extended bull market can tempt even the savviest investors into abandoning their long-term discipline. Resisting the impulse to switch horses in the middle of the race is hard, but necessary—the most important trait of successful investors is their ability to maintain discipline in sticking to a long-term strategy during good times and bad. Diversified portfolios—structured to earn returns comparable to their rate of spending at tolerable levels of risk—have benefitted long-term investors and grown their purchasing power for decades, and we have no reason to expect a different outcome when today’s bull market inevitably corrects.

To date, deep learning has mainly been conducted across high performance computing environments where hardware is specialized, clusters are single tenant, and software is written with the assumption that failures are rare. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables us to push the boundary on what can be done with commodity hardware in multi-tenant environments with software that is more and more modular and designed to expect failure. This research is looking at the intersection of AI workloads and the cloud software stack. How far can we take AI in the cloud? What doors does it open?

Long recognized as a pioneer of the hybrid fees and commissions model, our continual drive for innovative solutions means we are at the forefront of succession and acquisition planning while proactively transforming services and business processes with a visionary view on regulatory change, product evolution, increasing client demands, and opportunities in the marketplace. Cambridge is also actively seeking and supporting Next Gen talent for the advice industry; and this includes The Next Step ® internship program focused on professional careers for aspiring professionals ranging from corporate headquarters to advisor office leadership roles.

Cambridge research steroids review

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