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Reviewing previous complex sounds taught is so important to continue developing student’s French phonetic awareness.  Each week, I choose 6 sounds that we have previously learned and using the anchor images from my French Sounds Poster Pack assign each a number.  My “étoile du jour” rolls the die to determine which sound we have to find.  Students are then sent into the classroom to find a word with the target sound and write it on their white board.  Once each student has a word, they return to our meeting area and we share the words.  The ultimate goal of the game is to write a word that no one else has.  One by one students share their word.  If no one else has the same word, they earn a point!  After playing a few rounds, the student with the most amount of points wins the game.

Comment utiliser oral t bol

comment utiliser oral t bol


comment utiliser oral t bolcomment utiliser oral t bolcomment utiliser oral t bolcomment utiliser oral t bolcomment utiliser oral t bol