Cortisol levels after steroid cycle

You really wouldn’t know what women encounter in the medical community because you are a man. I won’t enumerate the number and details of the different accounts of I’ve heard about woman being dismissed by both male and female doctors…but, here are some examples: On the internet you can read about Gilda Radner’s experience with the medical community when she had cancer. The doctors told her she was having her symptoms because she was high strung and anxious. By the time the doctors really looked into it, she had ovarian cancer that had metastasized and died at an early age. I worked with a woman who complained about bloating and exhaustion and was told it was because she was fat. She too was diagnosed to late with ovarian cancer and died. Another example: My 49 friend year old friend went to the doctors and told him she was unusually tired and he replied “You are a woman who is getting old and is menopausal”. Two weeks later she was getting open heart surgery because she had a huge tumor in her heart. She almost died. My friend’s Mom began acting very oddly and the doctors told the family the mom was neurotic. She suffered for two years before a doctor finally took the full panel of thyroid tests and found she had very low thyroid. She was put on thyroid medication and went back to acting normally, but she had tragically lost two years of her life. My last example: I started having dizziness, exhaustion, nausea and headaches – I couldn’t work or function or participate in any activities or relationships because I was so disabled. Basically, I was bedridden. My doctor claimed it was because I was depressed. After four years, I finally mustered all my strength to find and go to another doctor who sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed me with chronic complicated migraine headaches, prescribed Topamax and the symptoms diminished – after I had lost four years of my life and wages.

When we become stressed out bodies release cortisol – the stress hormone – which helps us cope with challenges. Cortisol’s role is to convert protein into energy by releasing glycogen and counteract inflammation. When cortisol is released in the body temporarily, this is okay and won’t have long-lasting detrimental effects to health as it is a natural response to a stressor. But when cortisol levels remain high chronically it can eventually begin to tear your body down thus causing health complications. This is why numerous health experts recommend the reduction of stress as much as possible because in the long run it can harm our health.

I was under prolonged stress about a year ago for several months. My body hasn’t recovered. I am showing all signs of low cortisol and adrenal problems but recently got the following results:
In August cortisol levels were at at 8am. 3 months later i had an ACTH test done. At 8 am (before the cortrosyn) my cortisol level was at 12 and 1 hour after the cortrosyn shot it jumped to 22. Dr said this indicates my adrenals are working properly and had no idea why my 8am levels changed so drastically in 3 months. In the meantime, I still feel the same. Any thoughts?

Cortisol levels after steroid cycle

cortisol levels after steroid cycle


cortisol levels after steroid cyclecortisol levels after steroid cyclecortisol levels after steroid cyclecortisol levels after steroid cyclecortisol levels after steroid cycle