Dbol zyzz

Before Zyzz became extremely popular, he admitted to using steroids on various bodybuilding boards. Since his status has spread, he has since claimed he has not used steroids . I don’t blame him for wanting to cover the past. It is hard to say whether he cycles but the majority of the aesthetics crew uses/used steroids and since Zyzz himself has used them in the past, I do not know why he would suddenly stop. If anything all of the fame has probably pushed him to use them in order to keep making insane progress in order to keep up his image.

And some people want to look like zyzz, or some kind of physique model. Emphasis on proportions, no aspirations of pro-bb'ing, but still focused on strength as a balance. Harsh mental discipline for cutting, or for those with the small appetites, bulking. Zyzz, as a character, no comment, but that's a source of his popularity. Zyzz as a physical ideal, also a huge reason for his popularity, and while I'm totally fucking impressed by the IFBB guys, personally I'd prefer with a certainty to look like this. Again, awesome.

While Zyzz should be commended, his fame is not without controversy. It is almost certain that Zyzz’s aesthetics were the result of heavy steroid and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) usage. On top of the questionable circumstances of his death (a heart attack in a Bangkok sauna at the age of 22), his elder brother “Chestbrah” was arrested for possession of steroids in 2011 and photos circulated on the internet depicting Zyzz being injected in the butt. Nobody is fooled that it was a flu shot. I know a guy who started taking steroids at a very young age during the peak of Zyzz’s fame in the months following his death. How many other young men have started taking steroids and put their health in jeopardy due to Zyzz’s own bad example?

Dbol zyzz

dbol zyzz


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