East german canteen

By 1890 official slum clearance programmes had begun. One was the creation of the world's first council housing, the LCC Boundary Estate , which replaced the neglected and crowded streets of Friars Mount, better known as The Old Nichol Street Rookery . [24] Between 1918 and 1939 the LCC continued replacing East End housing with five or six storey flats, despite residents preferring houses with gardens and opposition from shopkeepers who were forced to relocate to new, more expensive premises. The Second World War brought an end to further slum clearance. [25]

In the distance I saw train wagons, and behind Stalingrad there was a railway. And so I tried to jump from crater to crater and all the time I got all these bullets around me, and I crossed the railway tracks by crawling through underneath the wagons. They gave me a bit of cover. And so I was thinking, well I could really stay here. Then you can take a breath. But of course I knew how wounded I was and if I lost too much blood I would become unconscious. I have to continue. There was a road, and I had to go to that road. So there was a sort of a ditch with water in it, first I had to cross that, and then I came to the road. And on the road, our armoured personnel carrier came with ten men inside. There was also a second lieutenant in there. He saw me and he stopped, opened the door at the back and then he said, ‘Gentlemen, we’re going to the main bandaging unit. The war is finished for us today. We’ll bring him back, we’ll take him back.’ And he did not take me to the division’s bandaging unit, but straight away to the main bandaging unit where there were also the planes. So in the evening, I was operated on. So the wound was sewn together whatever way they could. And the Protestant minister of the division and the Catholic priest of the division were standing next to me and the Catholic priest, Mr Spitz, said, ‘Hah.’ You know, he was looking at the head every now and again. ‘You can still kiss, but whether the girl’s lips will meet yours, I don’t know yet.’ I could have given him a kick, but I couldn’t talk, could I? They had put a little hose through my nose. So I got liquid food through that hose. That’s how they fed me. And then the next day or the day after that I was brought out by plane. I did lose quite a lot of blood, and I still did not know what was wrong with me. I realised that I did not have any teeth any more. Everything was a bit mushy. They were torn off all the way down, and they patched it up later on. By the way, I got seven operations on that. So they put in a lot of effort in Wurtzburg and in the university jaw clinic in Heidelburg. They operated on me again and again.

As a P – 12 school, we are able to guide and support students from their first experiences of formal education through to the Senior years where we prepare them for Tertiary Studies and the world of work. Throughout that journey we aim to explore the potential of each child and provide a program of study that will enable them to not only learn the basics, but to achieve in the fields that will give them success in later life. We are able to provide a unique setting where families can support each other, and be supported as they move through the school.

East german canteen

east german canteen


east german canteeneast german canteeneast german canteeneast german canteeneast german canteen