East german hind

I had gone with a friend that wanted to adopt a puppy for him and his girlfriend. They ended up leaving with two and I one. He definitely stole my heart by being spunky and having attitude!
He’s two now, but raising him from a puppy was a lot of work. Thankfully I had a few really good dog trainers to help me along the way. My dog has the coloring of a white and black husky and the body of a German Shepard (giant ears!), definitely a mix of the two breeds personalities. People often mistake him for a purebred husky when they first meet him because of his coloring.
He’s 50/50 when it comes to people, he was socialized A LOT as a puppy with dogs and humans, but he seems to distrust 50% of the people he meets (he wasn’t abused as a puppy) and wants to bark at them. He prefers animals to people and if there’s a dog or cat in the room he will ignore calls for him to come. He is strong willed and only listens when it’s convenient for him.
He can’t be happier than when he is being trained! Definitely needing of a job, he listens well when he’s in the “mode”. But his attention span rarely lasts longer than 30 minutes before he’s “over” training and just lays down.
He relentlessly chases our cat, even our trainer’s advice hasn’t helped much with that. We’re hoping that will stop as he gets older… hoping.
He’s very loving and loyal. Somewhat aloof when it comes to cuddling, but he’ll always want to be nearby. He will always sleep at the end of the bed or sit on the couch next to us. He doesn’t bark much unless he’s in a new place and left alone, or he isn’t at the front of the pack during a trail hike. He gets upset if his “pack” gets separated and will bark on hikes and during camping trips if one of us walks away.
He was only destructive as a puppy, especially when I was taking classes after work and couldn’t always give him the exercise and attention he deserved.
Now that he’s older I can leave him alone in a room not locked in a crate. As long as he has been properly worked out and doesn’t have an extreme surplus of energy he will be good and not destroy things in the room.
Overall, I am so glad to have him in my life! I wouldn’t recommend someone who isn’t an active person get a Shepsky; people have to be willing to either spend time researching how to train them or be willing to spend money paying someone to teach you and the dog.
What an amazing mix of dog, so much personality!

East german hind

east german hind


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