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  The staffing arrangements didn't change over the next two years of operations. Ensign Perry USNR, who was the first commander of the station, relinquished command on 1st February 1943 to Lt J. C. Gamble USNR, but Lt Gamble was transferred on 26th May and Ensign Perry resumed command until 21st March 1944 when Lt M. Preston USNR took over command. The staff included six officers in April 1944 but by June 1944 only two remained. In May 1944 the total complement was 22 enlisted men but this dropped to 11 by June. The station closed at 8:00 AM on 29th May 1945 and was decommissioned soon after.

Urban legends have been reported regarding the dangers of using a toilet in a variety of situations. Several of them have been shown to be questionable. These include some cases of the presence of venomous spiders [33] Except for the Australian redback spider who has a reputation for hiding under toilet seats. [34] These recent fears have emerged from a series of hoax emails originating in the Blush Spider hoax, which began circulating the internet in 1999. [35] Spiders have also been reported to live under seats of airplanes, however, the cleaning chemicals used in the toilets would result in an incompatibility with spider's survival. [36] In large cities like New York City, sewer rats often have mythical status regarding size and ferocity, resulting in tales involving the rodents crawling up sewer pipes to attack an unwitting occupant. Of late, stories about terrorists booby trapping the seat to castrate their targets have begun appearing. [37] Another myth is the risk of being sucked into an aircraft lavatory as a result of vacuum pressure during a flight. [38]

East german toilet

east german toilet


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