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Although the jury is still out on whether certain products can protect anabolic steroid users from hair loss, there are two different products that athletes and bodybuilders recommend. The first, finasteride, is a prescription medication given to men who experience male pattern baldness. It blocks the DHT and stops it from binding to receptors in the follicles. Another is nizoral shampoo (for dandruff), which many believe helps to stop the process at the scalp rather than through the bloodstream. Some men also use Rogaine twice per day throughout their cycles. No studies yet exist to determine whether these products actually work, but many athletes swear by them.

This can cause quite a conundrum because you may have to choose between the option to keep your head of hair a little while longer or to take steroids, lose your hair, but gain an awesome looking body. If you go towards the option of building that better looking body, your best bet is to simply grab the closest pair of electric shavers you can find and just shave your way to the world of the bald people, because it is going to happen anyway. There is definitely a connection between hair loss and steroids, the risk and whether or not it is all worth it is simply up to you.

Just like with corticosteroids the results are incredible, but there can be complications from long-term use of these compounds including steroid use hair loss.

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Hairlossfromsteroids youtube

hairlossfromsteroids youtube


hairlossfromsteroids youtubehairlossfromsteroids youtubehairlossfromsteroids youtubehairlossfromsteroids youtubehairlossfromsteroids youtube