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The 1920’s witnessed the beginning of Long Branch’s decline as a fashionable summer destination. Gambling laws stopped many of the rich and famous from visiting, and wicked storms eroded Long Branch’s famed beachfront. By the latter part of the 1960’s, organized crime settled in Long Branch, further tarnishing it’s image. Buildings became run down, houses became shabby, and many locals had to depend on welfare. Sadly, the only remaining structure of Long Branch’s former elegance is the St. James Episcopal Church. Built in 1879, it is where all seven presidents worshipped. It has since been renamed Church of the Presidents and is located at 1260 Ocean Avenue.

The demographics of the Jersey Shore are changing. In Monmouth County, rental properties are being purchased by either former tenants or investors and turned into year-round residences. This results in a reduction in both the number of renters, as they become year-round residential homeowners, and the number of rental properties available on the market. Concurrently, investors purchase homes at the Jersey Shore with the expectation of renting them at a price reflective of cost and overhead. Because of the limited supply and high demand beach property in Monmouth County, the price to acquire property is now so high that investors are having difficulty achieving profitable rentals. The laws of supply and demand will eventually straighten all of this out.

Presented by the Shore Athletic Club , the Jersey Shore Half Marathon has a history that places it as one of the oldest distance events held in New Jersey and the surrounding area. The first Jersey Shore Marathon was held January 9, 1972. The growth of major fall marathons created a demand for quality half marathon distance races prior to the fall marathons and thus in1986 the Jersey Shore Marathon became the Jersey Shore Half Marathon. The Jersey Shore Half Marathon continues a great racing tradition established forty five years ago. You are invited to be a part of the tradition!

Jersey shore before steroids

jersey shore before steroids


jersey shore before steroidsjersey shore before steroidsjersey shore before steroidsjersey shore before steroidsjersey shore before steroids