Neuro steroidogenesis

Survey respondents (n=1064) were largely Caucasian – % (African American -%, Hispanic -%, Other – %, Asian – 2%, American Indian/Alaska Native %) and educated (30% – some college, 34% – BA/BS, 15% – MA/MS). The average age of the survey respondent was (SD – ), while the average age at which Lupron was prescribed was (SD – ). Among these respondents, Lupron was most commonly prescribed for endometriosis (88%), painful periods (%), heavy bleeding (26%), ovarian cysts (18%), PCOS (4%), IVF (4%), anemia (%), breast cancer (1%), ovarian cancer (.4%), precocious puberty (.2%), other (8%).  Respondents could select multiple answers.

It’s actually a function of the HPA axis called a neuro endocrine response. It’s not so much HEAVY weights as you put it as much as it is as difficult workout as you can stand to do. Most people lift “moderate or regular” as you’ve put it. Mostly for the mental fell good that they’ve “worked out”. But workouts are supposed to push you to what would feel like death. Simulating a hunt or being hunted that is life threatening. This with consistency yields the most natural testosterone production.

Neuro steroidogenesis

neuro steroidogenesis


neuro steroidogenesisneuro steroidogenesisneuro steroidogenesisneuro steroidogenesisneuro steroidogenesis