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The School of Food and Agriculture educates the next generation of food and agriculture professionals and addresses stakeholder needs through relevant research and outreach.  Our students learn by conducting research with faculty mentors.  Undergraduate student Olivia Conrad won the first place award in the 2017 Maine Sustainability & Water Conference Undergraduate Poster Competition for her research on food waste . Graduate student Sonja Birthisel conducts weed management research to find environmentally safe practices producing maximum benefit to Maine farmers.  Graduate student Zakkary Castonguay, won a graduate student presentation award at 2017 UMaine Student Symposium for his presentation “Phytonutrient Assessment of Locally Grown Cold Hardy Plum Cultivars”.  Undergraduate student Grace Chavis received an Edith Patch Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award in 2017 for her capstone research project on a parasite of moose.  Graduate Dietetic Intern students put their education to work helping patients at health care facilities across Maine.

A shift from an omnivorous to a vegetarian diet has a profound influence on the composition of the urine–for example, higher levels of lignans in the urine of those eating vegetarian. Up until now, it was just thought that lignans protected people eating more plant-based from getting cancer, but now we know lignans can also have antimicrobial properties as well, so may be helping to clear Proteus from the system. Either way, this suggests a new type of therapy for the management of rheumatoid arthritis. This new treatment includes anti-Proteus measures such as dietary manipulations in the forms of vegetarian diet.

letting go allowed me to be peaceful.
and peace of mind, as i’ve come to realize after battling TSW for 6 years, might just be the most important factor in healing.
anger is my mom telling me to do the chores, i do them out of love and respect, but she’s just going to see it as me following her orders.
peace and love on the other hand, it’s me offering to do the chores for my mom because i know she’s tired from work, and she knows i’m doing it because i love her.
both elicit the same result, but one leaves me grumpy and feeling unvalued, and one leaves me feeling like a god damn saint.

New steroid plant

new steroid plant


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