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To get scientific for just a moment, hardcore cycling requires a large proportion of fast-oxidative glycolytic (FOG) muscle fibers. These are the fibers that allow a rider to go long, go fast and explode at the right times without fatiguing too quickly.  Thicker fibers only develop as a result of heavy loads, time under tension and, of course, genetics. Spinning®, which was created as a sports-specific indoor training program for cyclists, is a program tailored for 30-90 minute classes—the thicker fibers can’t sustain this type or duration of activity, and therefore do not develop in response to Spinning® or other indoor cycling programs.

If you are new to the sport of track cycling, you may not have heard of its stars. They may not be as big as Lance Armstrong, but they’re equally popular in their own right. If you want to get closer to the sport, it is best to know these cyclists first as they are the ones hogging the limelight in international track cycling events. Do note that the countries producing the top track cyclists will either come from the following: United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. So without further adieu here are the current top ranked men’s sprinters: (Note: We have featured Robert Forstemann and Michael D’Almeida in our Track Cyclist of the Day so do check it out)

Robert forstemann steroids

robert forstemann steroids


robert forstemann steroidsrobert forstemann steroidsrobert forstemann steroidsrobert forstemann steroidsrobert forstemann steroids