Scratched cornea steroid drops

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I scratched my cornea a while back with a porcelain chip whilst taking tiles of my bathroom, that taught me to always wear goggles!(bolting doors after horse bolted), anyway after a few weeks of pain etc an optician referred me to the eye clinic where they scraped the cornea with a scalpel. This made the wound more shallow allowing it to heal easier, I wore a patch for about 3 days then used visco tears drops 4 times a day. I now occasionally use the drops when my eyes feel tired and scratchy but I haven't had a problem with the eye for about 8 years now. If I rub my eyes too much then the eye which got damaged hurts a little so I revert to the drops again and hey presto

Scratched cornea steroid drops

scratched cornea steroid drops


scratched cornea steroid dropsscratched cornea steroid dropsscratched cornea steroid dropsscratched cornea steroid dropsscratched cornea steroid drops