Skin atrophy caused by steroids

Regarding diagnosis:

  • Has individual become inactive? Does individual have a sedentary job?
  • Does individual have any diseases that affect nerves supplying the muscles?
  • Does individual have diseases of the muscle itself?
  • Does individual have a systemic illness?
  • Was individual using or abusing drugs such as opiates, steroids, or alcohol?
  • Did individual wear a cast or experience other immobilization?
  • Does individual complain of loss of strength and muscle fatigue?
  • What muscles are affected? Is there a pattern to the symptoms?
  • On exam, was lack of muscle tone and weakness noted?
  • Were limb circumference measurements done?
  • Were sensation and reflexes diminished, absent, or normal?
  • Were EMG and muscle biopsy done?
  • Was MRI necessary?
  • Were conditions with similar symptoms ruled out?
  • Is there a family history of muscle atrophy in the particular location?
Regarding treatment:
  • Is individual exercising regularly or enrolled in a physical therapy program?
  • Was transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) administered, if appropriate?
  • Was low-voltage electromuscular stimulation (EMS) needed?
  • Was bracing necessary?
  • Were anabolic steroids administered, if appropriate?
Regarding prognosis:
  • Is individual continuing to participate in a home exercise program?
  • Is individual's employer able to accommodate any necessary restrictions?
  • Does individual have any conditions that may affect the ability to recover?
  • Does individual’s muscular atrophy cause mechanical strain affecting other muscles or joints?
Source: Medical Disability Advisor

Skin atrophy caused by steroids

skin atrophy caused by steroids


skin atrophy caused by steroidsskin atrophy caused by steroidsskin atrophy caused by steroidsskin atrophy caused by steroidsskin atrophy caused by steroids