Ultimate precision anabolics

If you clean or tinker with your guns, you’ve undoubtedly struggled to find an effective method to secure your firearms without damaging them.  Back in the day, we had three pieces if 1×12 pine nailed together with a triangular notch to cradle long guns.  The rudimentary system left a little to be desired.  Graduating to a lightweight injection molded plastic system, the pine was quickly tossed on the fire.  The plastic cradle held the rifle for mounting a scope or light cleaning, but once you applied any kind of force to it the flaws of the system became immediately apparent.  Try to lapping 30MM steel rings on your #8 contour 300 Win Mag in AICS stock, the entire assembly buckles under the weight and stress. Enter the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise.

Welcome to CTK Precision
CTK Precision was born out of the need for superior shooting equipment and gun accessories, at reasonable prices.
Our Shooting Rests, Gun Vises, Brass Catchers and Monopods will give you more shooting time by maximizing your firearm efficiency. Improving accuracy and reliability in your pistols, rifles and shotguns will increase their  value in the long run.
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Founded in 1987, England. Precision Devices is regarded globally as a leading manufacturer and designer of high-end loudspeaker transducers. For over 25 years we have been driven by a passion and philosophy to create next generation drive units capable of achieving superior levels of acoustic performance combined with exceptional levels of strength and reliability. Built to be driven to their rated specification and often beyond, Precision Devices transducers are synonymous with uncompromising quality and enviable performance, instantly recognizable and highly desired. Widely recognised as the worlds’ finest, most prestigious loudspeakers.

Ultimate precision anabolics

ultimate precision anabolics


ultimate precision anabolicsultimate precision anabolicsultimate precision anabolicsultimate precision anabolicsultimate precision anabolics