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The supplements are only expensive because the big name companies mark the product up immensely to pay for advertising, packaging, promotions, etc.
If you buy from a wholesaler or get the raw product for Ebay, the price is dramatically cheaper.
I agree that diet is #1 – it’s the foundation for health and training gains in strength and stamina.
And I agree that timing is essential for effectiveness – especially right before and after training when nutrients and calories are especially needed.
The problem is that meat is inordinately expensive and most people don’t have the appetite to choke down over 1lb of meat per day.
Granted Protein shakes are a substitution for solid protein sources – but that’s all that these shakes are as well, Food.
Whey protein is just the separated protein from milk – I’ve tried other protein powder sources and found whey to be the most digestive friendly.
Hydrolyzed whey Isolate – is just predigested whey that’s been separated from the lactose content.
If one is worried about chemicals or additives – go with slow filtered cold processed whey, it’s the least chemically treated, but is a bit more expensive
Or go with whey from the milk of free-range grass-fed cows – also more expensive.
It’s just food that is a little more user friendly.

Thank you Dr. Lynch, This discussion is very helpful about when to back off, and how to prepare the body to respond the best before adding methylfolate. My son could not tolerate much methylfolate to begin with, so we backed off, added some of your optimal turmeric and optimal start for about 3 weeks, and then proceeded to start with the methylfolate and add slowly from there. He is on about to 3mgs currently. We would love to able to recommend to him a multivitamin, but I am concerned about giving him your multi because it combines niacin and methylfolate. Doesn’t that pose a problem together? Won’t the niacin cancel out the methylfolate in the vitamin as well as the excess methylfolate he already takes? What are your thoughts about this, and can you recommend what to do? Obviously, our son is getting niacin in his diet already, as well, but he really needs a multi. Thanks

I do. My point is that it shows how unfair the feminized curricula in High School is for males. I would have gotten better grades if I was assigned something that wasn’t poetry that a poor Mexican lesbian wrote about her vagina. That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. And we were expected to write intelligent analysis about that sort of thing. The point of it was to “expose us to other points of view,” of course. But we never read The Great Gatsby, any of the 19th century British or Russian literature that is considered essential, or anything written before 1960, except for Upton Sinclair (I wonder why).

Virtus pharma steroids

virtus pharma steroids