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The topic fascinated Woods. He'd long struggled to sleep, and when he wasn't texting or playing video games, he'd read, often military books about lone men facing impossible odds, such as Roberts Ridge or Lone Survivor , or books about theoretical physics and cosmology. The intro to Get a Grip laid out the basic rules of early science, from Newton and Galileo, focused on the concepts of friction and gravity. These had long interested him. Five-year-old Tiger once made a drawing that showed stickmen swinging different clubs, with the clubface sketched, as well as the flight path of the ball, including distance and apex.

The final version of the dial was marketed for general production and is the most common type of dial. The red print of this dial is clear but not heavy, and when viewed thru a loupe it appears as though it is made of dots. The font of the red lettering is significantly larger on the top line of the two red lines printed. The coronet is large and the spikes are clearly defined and the "O" under the coronet is quite large.

Here again is another example..

White tiger steroids

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