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However, despite the team's initial successes, their personal lives began to suffer when Felicity was paralyzed from the waist down in an attack by Darhk. Shortly after this, Thea faced death due to a side-effect of her treatment in the Lazarus Pit, forcing Oliver to confront Malcolm Merlyn in a duel and cut off his hand so that Nyssa could regain control of the League of Assassins and provide Thea with the cure. In revenge for Oliver's actions against him, Malcolm revealed the existence of Oliver's son William to Darhk, and although the subsequent campaign saw them destroy the source of Darhk's mystical power with the aid of Vixen , the revelation that Oliver had kept the fact that he had a son secret from her prompted Felicity to break off their engagement and leave the team, while Darhk's earlier blackmail forced Oliver to step down from the mayoral race so that Darhk's wife could run unopposed. However, after a prison riot saw Damien Darhk escape custody and kill Laurel Lance , Felicity returned to the team to put Darhk down once and for all.

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Winn 50 steroid

winn 50 steroid


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